The Lapan College Club


The Lapan College Club is a community program offered to students from the Wakefield Community at C.E. Rose K- 8 & Hollinger K-8 interested in earning dollars for their future college education through the Lapan Memorial Sunshine Foundation, Inc.  The Foundation has the mission of supporting Wakefield youth in preparing for college and being successful in completing a post-secondary education.

This website provides Lapan College Club students and parents with additional resources and information to help them make the most of the opportunities offered by the Foundation.

Bienvenidos al Website del Club Universitario Lapan

El Club Universitario de Lapan es un programa comunitario para aquellos estudiantes de la comunidad de Wakefield en las escuelas C.E. Rose y Hollinger K-8 que están interesados en ganar dólares para su futura educación universitaria a través de Lapan Memorial Sunshine Foundation, Inc.  Dicha fundación tiene como propósito apoyar a la juventud para prepararse para la universidad y terminar sus estudios superiores exitósamente.

Este website incluye recursos e información adicional para los estudiantes y familias del Club Universitario de Lapan para ayudarles beneficiar de las oportunidades ofrecidas por la fundación.

To contact the Lapan College Club:


Lapan College Club Center

Corner of 9th Ave. & 44th St.

Tucson, Arizona

Phone Numbers:

• Lucy Kin •

• Executive Director •

(520) 360-9881

• Alan Voelkel •

• Director of Communications & Special Projects •

(520) 623-7622


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